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Give your home a gift with Aroma Therapy cleaning by Valentina's Professional Cleaning Services.

Insured Cleaning Service in Toronto Let us take the next step of Natural and Organic Cleaning with the use of Aromatherapy oils and cleaning supplies only based on them. Aromatherapy has been known through history as a cleanser for the mind and soul providing full relaxation and regeneration to people's bodies. Similarly, in cleaning, aromatherapy oils not only create 100% organic, natural and reliable cleaning supplies but also, create an amazingly encasing and relaxing atmosphere for your home. You do not have to walk in your home anymore squinting on the strong smell of chemicals and accept it with a smile because you believe this is a sing of clean home. Now, VPCS is happy to put a real smile on your face with the use of our specially made, aromatherapy oil-based cleaning supplies. Our cleaning supplies have high antibacterial, antiseptic, energizing, purifying, and mood-rising qualities. In other words, using aromatherapy oils provides your home with clean and fresh scent, gets rid of dirt and germs, and most importantly boosts your metabolism. Essential oils don't just mask bad smells, they neutralize the unpleasant odors and airborne bacteria that linger in our homes, cars, workplaces etc.

Insured Cleaning Service in Toronto

Essential oils

Insured Cleaning Service in Toronto Pure essential oils are known for their antibacterial, disinfectant, anti-fungal and antiseptic cleaning properties...

When we talk of Aromatherapy, we are talking about using pure essential oils and not fragrance oils. Using chemicals to clean your home is like giving your home a chemical bath! Did you know that some harsh chemicals can be harmful to your family and/or pets? Using Pure essential oils not only disinfects your home, but leaves your home with a fresh, clean, calming scent!

You might want to clean house more often with your favorite essential oils. You'll feel a whole lot brighter and energetic after a few hours with essential oils than you will after breathing the fumes of toxic chemicals.

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