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Insured Cleaning Service in Toronto Valentina’s Professional Cleaning Services is delighted to offer you professional and exceptional carpet cleaning that will not only make business with us easier but also your daily life easier by having it available to you through us and right when you need it without having to spend hours on the good ol’ Google researching the best quality carpet cleaning services.

We are offering not only carpet cleaning, but also full upholstery and rugs cleaning by taking extra care of each area and stain we treat.

The services are performed using hot-water extraction/steaming technology with highest efficiency by individually, specially, and fully extensively trained carpet cleaning staff. This means that each one of them have the required expertise knowledge to evaluate and determine cleaning methods that can be performed on different fabrics and carpet types, which will ensure the best possible results with lesser hassle for you.

Insured Cleaning Service in Toronto Our carpet cleaning services include removing dirt, dust, stains and oils that have been trapped in the requested for treatment area over time, and eliminating and neutralizing harmful moulds and bacteria with the aim to prevent their reoccurrence. This all is done by leaving the treated area with as little moisture as possible, so you can almost immediately after the service move freely on it without any worries for damaging the treated area.

We work around your schedule by being flexible and available seven days a week, any time of the day, at the most affordable prices. We specialize in any type of fabric, so you can trust us completely, knowing that our job makes any other’s look as if it was “swept under the rug”.

And what is the best part from the above all said? Well, you have just spared at least 30 min researching for an excellent carpet cleaner at affordable prices, which means you have time to do something else! The “something else” part we leave it for you to decide, but we know that this part is certainly as great of a choice as the one you just made with us!

Do not hesitate to call us today and let us take the front line in helping you fight the stubborn stains and smells.

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